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Our gallery of ladies is growing even as you read this, so come back regularly to see the lovely Russian women we have added. Below are many photos of our hand selected lady members. All of these loving Russian ladies are seriously seeking a man for marriage. You could be the man she is looking for!

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Live web cams

RU Ladys Website has multiple live Web cams that actually allows our clients to see into the Krasnodar, Russia main office, the computer room and private offices. These web cams have proven to be very affective in justifying the legitimacy of this specialized industry. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and that your eyes don't lie. These small cameras have allowed the average consumer to see the differences between a trustworthy and reliable establishment versus the company who hides behind their computer screens. You can see this live on our site please note that because of the 6-hour time difference between their New York Offices and the Krasnodar, Russia's office hours are from 3am-1pm EST. visit now!

Where the ladies are?

View our small photo album and you will get answer to your question. Krasnodar is the capital of beautiful and attractive girls! view photos

Ladies membership rules

Thank you for being a member of RU Ladys. Below are our guidelines that must be followed when meeting our man that are visiting our agency... read more

RU Ladys fights against scams and do our best to protect you!

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, there are thousands of sincere honest singles out there who dream to love and be loved. Do not spend your time, money and feelings on scammers!

We demand from all our customers to perform Anti Scam Rules:

  • No agency allowed to post profiles of their customers on RU Ladys and ask our customers to pay for correspondance
  • No commercial service allowed to promote their business
  • Only real profiles of real people, no fake photos
  • No singles allowed to post profiles with the purpose other then personal relationship read more

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